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Leg of Pork on the Bone

£8.95 per kg

Sizes available from 2kg up to 6kg, when calculating your required size please allow up to 400g per person. This is based on an average appetite!

Supplied vacuum packed, suitable for home freezing

The leg of pork is best cooked as a large joint of 2kg (4lb 7oz) or greater to give nice neat slices. This joint is also available boneless (link to boneless leg of pork) for easy carving.

Prepare the surface of the joint for perfect crackling. Ensure the skin is dry, remove packaging and use kitchen paper to dry the residual moisture. Do not cover the meat during cooking, this creates steam, softening the skin. Some people like to sprinkle a little salt on the skin, this is personal preference and gives a more savoury flavour.

Roast on high for 20 minutes then reduce to a moderate oven approx. 180deg for 20 minutes per lb (450g). For extra tasty gravy rest the meat on a bed of seasonal root vegetables. See our Amazing Gravy for White Meat recipe in the Murdoch;s Recipe Book

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