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Rolled Silverside

£14.80 per kg

Pack Weights Available: 1kg / 1.5kg / 2kg / 2.5kg

Supplied vacuum packed, suitable for home freezing

Silverside is a great value roasting joint and really easy to cook. Either open roast, basting the fat over the meat as it cooks, or cook in a covered container and pot roast.

The secret to serving this tender meat is to sear at the beginning, either in a frying pan or at the highest oven heat for the first 15 minutes. Then rest the meat before you serve, covered in a warm place for at least 20 minutes, this helps to absorb any juices lost in cooking. Remember… 20 minutes per lb (450g) and 20 over at 180’C!!

The longer and lower the temperature, the less the joint will shrink in cooking.

Check readiness by piercing with a skewer in the centre and pressing out the juices. These should run clear when fully cooked.

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