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Runner for Pot Roasting

£13.88 per kg

Weights Available: 500g (1lb 2oz) / 1kg (2lb 3oz) / 1.5kg (3lb 4oz)
Minimum weghts for size ranges

Supplied vacuum packed, suitable for home freezing

An ideal winter joint for pot roasting or boiling, it requires a long slow cooking. An open grain of the meat makes this melt in the mouth. This is favoured by many for adding to soup for a good stock. The meat seperates after cooking and becomes stringy, perfect for the Scottish dish Stovies.

This is an ideal joint for cooking in slow cookers or pot roasting in a closed lidded casserole or self basting tin. Just add 2cm of boiling water into the bottom along with a good selection of winter vegetables and leave to cook on low or 160-170’C for up to 4 hours.